A Simple Guide to Moogle Treasure Trove: The Hunt for Lore


The latest Moogle Treasure Trove event in Final Fantasy XIV starts on 19 October, and runs until maintenance begins for patch 6.0, scheduled for 18 November.

Let’s talk about what it is, how you can participate in it, what rewards are available, and how you can prioritize both earning the event currency and which rewards to select.

What is this event? How can I participate?

Moogle Treasure Trove events are implemented a few times per year, usually when FFXIV is reaching the end of a content gap or other significant release. During these events, you can earn an additional currency called Irregular TomestonesIrregular Tomestone A special currency only available and spendable during Moogle Treasure Trove events in Final Fantasy XIV. They are earned while participating in specific activities, and turned in to vendors in the three main cities named Itinerant Moogles in exchange for various, normally cosmetic, items. in addition to the standard rewards while playing specifically chose activities in the game.

You can then turn in these Irregular Tomestones to specific vendors within the game for a selection of items, normally items that are difficult or time-consuming to acquire. Each event also will usually include one or more cosmetic items that are exclusive to the event.

What activities will drop Irregular Tomestones of Lore?

You’ll need to run certain activities while the event is happening, and in exchange, you’ll receive a number of Irregular Tomestones of Lore:

You’ll need a level 30 or higher character to participate, and a level 50 or higher character to participate in non-PvP activities that grant Irregular Tomestones of Lore.

You can identify duties that will drop Irregular Tomestones of Lore within the Duty Finder by looking for the moogle icon to the right of the duty listing, like this:

[Image is incoming. They need to launch the event first. I’ll get there.]

To receive Irregular Tomestones on completing the activity, you cannot use the Undersized Party option of the Duty Finder.

Here are the activities included in this event:

ActivityCategoryRequired Level or ilvlItem Level Each piece of gear in Final Fantasy XIV has an "item level," which is the relative strength of the item's statistics or power compared to all other gear. This is commonly abbreviated as "ilvl," or the letter "i" followed by a number, such as "i500" to mean "item level 500."Tomestones
The PraetoriumDungeons (MSQ)5010
Castrum MeridianumDungeons (MSQ)507
AmaurotDungeons (Shadowbringers)805
Frontlines (Any Map)PvP (Frontlines)303 (loss) / 5 (win)
Rival WingsPvP (Rival Wings)303 (loss) / 5 (win)
The Aetherochemical Research FacilityDungeons (Heavensward)604
Baelsar’s WallDungeons (Heavensward)604
Ala MhigoDungeons (Stormblood)704
The Ghimlyt DarkDungeons (Stormblood)704
The Labyrinth of the AncientsAlliance Raids (ARR)503
Syrcus TowerAlliance Raids (ARR)503
The World of DarknessAlliance Raids (ARR)503
The Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 1Normal Raids (ARR)503
The Binding Coil of Bahamut – Turn 2Normal Raids (ARR)503
Deltascape V4.0Normal Raids (Stormblood)702
Sigmascape V4.0Normal Raids (Stormblood)702
Alphascape V4.0Normal Raids (Stormblood)702
Containment Bay S1T7Trials (Stormblood)702
Containment Bay P1T6Trials (Stormblood)702
Containment Bay Z1T9Trials (Stormblood)702

Which activities should be the most efficient to play through to get lots of Irregular Tomestones?

The answer to this question is likely to be different for different people. Remember that if you want to earn them playing non-PvP activities, you’ll need to be level 50 and have cleared the A Realm Reborn story to have access to Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium.

  • If you prefer not to play PvP and don’t have a group:
    • Run your MSQ Duty Roulette once per day on a job that can use the EXP if you have one.
    • If you would like to work on other things, read a book, play another game on Switch, or ALT-Tab out to something else for big chunks of time, run The Praetorium repeatedly. The forced cutscenes take a lot of time, but you can multitask while they are happening.
    • If you would rather focus to get things done faster, run Castrum Meridianum repeatedly.
  • If you prefer not to play PvP and you do have a group and some leveled jobs:
    • Run The Last Coil of Bahamut – Turn 2, especially if you have a group of Blue Mages. It is likely this composition will be common in the Party Finder during the event as a farm for the currency.
  • If you are cool with playing PvP:
    • Run your Frontlines PvP Duty Roulette once per day on a job that can use the EXP if you have one.
    • After that, play Rival Wings. Matches are fairly quick, tomestones are either 3 or 5 depending on whether you win, queues are fast because it’s farmable, and you can also earn progress towards exclusive PvP mounts and Wolf Marks that can be used to buy other things from the PvP currency vendors.

What stuff can I purchase with my Irregular Tomestones of Lore?

Here’s the complete list of what you can get during the event, and what other methods are usable to get those things. This event has only a single exclusive item, but it’s a pretty great one, so you should focus on the Inferno Jacket first.

Item NameTypeAlternate SourcesSellable?Tomestone Cost
Inferno JacketGlamourNone. Exclusive item.100
Auspicious Kamuy FifeMountThe Jade Stoa (Extreme)50
Dark Lanner WhistleMountThe Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage50
Modern Aesthetics – Styled for HireHairstylePvP (18,000 Wolf Marks)50
Battle Orchestrion RollOrchestrionAlphascape V1.050
Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map x2ItemNone. Exclusive item.30
Ala Mhigan BardingBardingFATE: “Rattle and Humbaba”30
Drake HornMountAmalj’aa Beast Tribes Vendor30
Laurel Goobbue HornMountSylph Beast Tribes Vendor30
Elbst HornMountSahagin Beast Tribes Vendor30
Bomb Palanquin HornMountKobold Beast Tribes Vendor30
Direwolf WhistleMountIxali Beast Tribes Vendor30
Xanthos WhistleMountThe Howling Eye (Extreme)30
Enbarr WhistleMountThe Whorleater (Extreme)30
MGP Platinum CardItemWondrous Tails (2 or 3 Lines)30
Tree Slice TowerFurnitureCraftable30
Botanist’s Dried HerbsFurnitureCraftable30
Steppe KitchenFurnitureCraftable30
Marimo LampFurnitureCraftable30
Fat Cat SofaFurnitureCraftable30
Bonewicca Whisperer’s MaskGlamourThe Swallow’s Compass15
Bonewicca Whisperer’s JacketGlamourThe Swallow’s Compass15
Bonewicca Whisperer’s GauntletsGlamourThe Swallow’s Compass15
Bonewicca Whisperer’s SarouelGlamourThe Swallow’s Compass15
Bonewicca Whisperer’s GreavesGlamourThe Swallow’s Compass15
Middle La Noscea Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Lower La Noscea Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Eastern La Noscea Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Western La Noscea Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Upper La Noscea Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Outer La Noseca Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Central Shroud Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
East Shroud Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
South Shroud Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
North Shroud Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Western Thanalan Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Central Thanalan Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Eastern Thanalan Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Southern Thanalan Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Northern Thanalan Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Coerthas Central Highlands Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Mor Dhona Riding MapItemThe Hunt (250 Allied Seals)10
Griffin HatchlingMinionThe Hunt (400 Centurio Seals)7
Aurelia PolypMinionSubaquatic Voyages, Bozja/Zadnor Lockboxes7
Hrodric Poisontongue CardTT CardThe Drowned City of Skalla7
Diabolos Hollow CardTT CardDun Scaith7
Shinryu CardTT CardThe Royal Menagerie; The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain7
Fibbertigibbet Orchestrion RollOrchestrionSylph Beast Tribes (3 Goldleafs)7
Piece of Mind Orchestrion RollOrchestrionVath Beast Tribes (3 Black Copper Gil)7
Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x10ItemNone. Exclusive item.1

Which rewards should I prioritize?

There’s only one exclusive cosmetic in this Moogle Treasure Trove event, and that’s the Inferno Jacket. The FFXIV community “unlocked” this reward by participating in community events during the Fan Festival earlier this year, and now it’s time for us to collect on it. You should make this your top priority, because it likely will not be available again.

100 Irregular Tomestones sounds like a lot, but you have almost a full month to earn them. Take your time if that’s the only reward you are attempting to grab.

Otherwise, here are how the various rewards might save you time, to help you find things to grab first:

  • The Auspcious Kamuy Fife and Dark Lanner Whistle are available only by repeatedly playing through a couple of Extreme difficulty trials. If you aren’t up for those, and you like collecting mounts, you should start here.
  • The Bonewicca Whisperer’s gear is a set of casters’ gear from a dungeon that has a fairly low drop rate, and you have to compete for the rolls with other casters who might be in your party. If you like additional glamour options and don’t want to grind Swallow’s Compass a lot (like, a lot a lot), grab these.
  • The Battle Orchestrion Roll is a relatively rare drop from a specific normal raid turn. If you don’t want to grind normal raids and you want music for your apartment or house, try for that.
  • The Ala Mhigan Barding is a reward for a specific FATE, and finding when those FATEs are up can consume a lot of time and require you to be around at specific times. Get your chocobo some new threads.
  • If you collect Triple Triad cards, the cards in this event will save you some drop luck, as they are random drops from various activities.
  • The Aurelia Polyp comes from a couple of sources that can be very annoying to pull from. 7 tomestones here is a significant time-saver.

Many of the other bits available here are more easily-sourced from other things:

  • The Enbarr and Xanthos mounts come from ARR Extreme trials, which are accessibly soloable at level 80 and thus relatively easily farmable.
  • The beast tribe vendor mounts are relatively easy to come by if you level their associated beast tribes, though the ARR beast tribes are more annoying to level than later ones. You can possibly save a significant amount of time and gil here if you haven’t worked on those yet.
  • The beast tribe vendor orchestrion rolls are similarly easy to come by if you are leveling the ARR beast tribes.
  • The Styled for Hire hairstyle costs a significant amount of Wolf Marks, but if you are doing PvP duty roulettes for leveling, or planning to play Rival Wings during this event to farm Irregular Tomestones, you’ll easily get the Wolf Marks necessary to buy it.
  • You should generally skip the craftable housing furniture items.
  • The Riding Maps and Griffin Hatchling items are fairly easily farmable by participating in The Hunt activities for their respective expansions.

And there are a few filler items available this time around:

  • You should only get the Magicked Prisms if you have leftover Irregular Tomestones you can’t use for anything else.
  • If you have a group that does treasure map portal runs, you should consider stocking up on the Ostensibly Special Timeworn Map, which is guaranteed to open a portal when you use it. You need a party of level 80 characters to complete the portal dungeons they will open, but they are significantly rewarding for the time spent—and these maps can stack, unlike normal treasure maps.
  • Otherwise, you should be picking up MGP Platinum Cards, which are worth 50,000 MGP a week, which is the majority of a week’s worth of spending time in the Gold Saucer. This can help you reach the cosmetics you want to buy from the Gold Saucer.

Where can I learn more?

For more information on the event, and for help with tracking what you have already acquired, please see the following additional resources:

Have fun!

Moogle Treasure Trove is a chance to play through some content you might not otherwise, and for Rival Wings, it’s generally the time of year when that activity is most active and enjoyable. Most importantly: enjoy it! You’ll be running through these instances with a bunch of other players who are also working to earn Irregular Tomestones, and it can be a relatively lighthearted experience when you’re all running Praetorium at 1 a.m. for the fortieth time that month. 🙂