The Unofficial Official Destiny 2 Events Calendar

Ever wish you had a feed in your personal calendar application of choice, listing the “official” in-game and real-world events happening for Destiny 2?

I did, so I decided a while back to start creating one, and have been maintaining it as well as I can manage in my time ever since. I’d like to share it with others, so you, too, can know about:

  • Season of the [WHATEVER] Dates
  • Seasonal Events
  • Patch Release Dates
  • Announced Maintenance Windows
  • Announced Iron Banner Weeks
  • and moreā€¦?

Events in the calendar will have links back to official sources for the included information, and when applicable, in-game or real-world locations where you can attend or start events. I use the @BungieHelp Twitter account and the This Week at Bungie (and other official Bungie) posts to discover and populate the data manually.

Accessing the Calendar

Here’s the calendar. You can navigate to this page, which will always show you the calendar in the embed below, or add the calendar to your own. The button in the embed will help you add it to your personal Google Calendar. If you’d rather, here’s a link for other calendar applications.

Something Broken or Missing?

If you have any questions regarding the calendar, or you notice a problem, please let me know via Twitter. I can’t promise I’ll get to anything super-quickly, but I will change things when I have the time to do so.

General Calendar Information

The reset times for each day are in the calendar and are set using UTC (server time), which means that they will adjust for you automatically for Daylight Savings Time or “summer time,” depending on your region and local date/time settings on your computer or calendaring application settings. Reset times use 15-minute “blocks” just so they are readable on a weekly or monthly view.

I can’t add anything to the calendar that Bungie hasn’t announced (I don’t have any insider information or anything), and because I’m a real human who adds these things by hand, there might be a delay between something being announced and it being added to the calendar. I hope y’all will understand.

Tip Jar

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